Do you feel safe at the southside Wal-Mart?

Shoppers and employees of the Southside Wal-Mart evacuated the store after a bomb threat had been received by the staff around noon on Saturday. Nothing suspicious was found and employees and shoppers were let back in but this is just one of a few incidents that has happened at the store  this year. 

In February, police responded to a report of a man yelling and running around naked at the store and had to be detained by police. 

In March a car accident  happened right in front of the entrance way of the store and also a fuel truck turned over turned close to that same area in front of the store. 

I asked customers how safe did they feel coming to this store with so many incidents happening. 

Some told me that they sometimes they were in fear of coming to the store saying telling me of accidents that have happened on the inside as well but many said that even though things happen here that won't stop them from shopping at this Wal-Mart. 

Leon Brannon feel the reason why so many things happen here is because of the lack of a strong police presence. 

"You have more problems out here than you have anywhere else the Northside Wal-Mart has more patrol their all the time out here maybe two or three hours you may see one," said Brannon. 

Brannon says that he not surprise of the things that happened at this store and wishes more patrol would happen. 

"Police is more visible seen there are going to be less problems you won't commit a crime if you see a police in there," said Brannon. 

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