Details released on last Monday's vehicle explosion and coinciding arrest

"It was sort of havoc at first, to have a person headed to work and have a destruction device go off inside his vehicle," said Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza. 

He is describing an explosion that came from the back seat of a work truck at 6:34 a.m. Monday morning.

"There were some sophistication involved in it, it wasn't your average device that I've seen throughout my career," said Valenza.

For days, Houston County Sheriffs Office, Dothan Police Department's bomb squad, ATF, ALEA, and other agencies investigated the incident that injured Terry Brooks.

Then, on Thursday night, a call from Medical Center Terrace Apartments from someone who believed they could be the next target brought the investigation to Sixth Ave.

That call came from 44-year-old Sylvio King, but instead of a possible victim, investigators had already deemed him a likely suspect.

"He called our dispatch center and reported that he was the potential target of the next bombing," said Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish. 

"By this time we actually had eyes on, that's what we call it, the apartment."

But dispatch and law enforcement believed this could be a lure to a vehicle with another active device, so they proceeded to explore and evacuate the apartments with caution.

"We continued to allow him to play the part of the victim throughout his medical emergency and finally ATF agents and Houston County Sheriff's deputies got him to confess," said Parrish.

It is still an ongoing investigation, but some details have come to light including the relationship between the two and how the device was detonated.

According to investigators, the two men have a common third party between the two, and they describe the incident happening because King claimed to be doing their mutual acquaintance, that was only referred to as a woman, a favor. 

"There were issues in that relationship that led this individual to try to take care of a problem for her, and in doing so almost took the life of the victim," said Parrish.

"That was his intent, but through our investigation we don't believe that was her intent."

Instead saying she became an asset to the investigation and ultimately to his arrest.

They also say King detonated the device with a remote trigger, meaning he was in close proximity to the vehicle Monday morning.

"He has been charged at state level with transportation and possession of a detonation device, Class A felony, no bond, " said Valenza. "Attempted murder, Class A felony, no bond; breaking and entering of a motor vehicle no bond; criminal mischief, no bond."

Valenza also added that along with his state charges, federal charges are also likely.

King now sits in the Houston county jail with no bond until his first appearance on Thursday, while Brooks has been released from the hospital and is doing well.

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