Deathly Hallows Haunted House will soon open in Daleville

DALEVILLE, Ala.--Good news for Harry Potter fans or anyone who enjoys the haunted house scene.

This Halloween season Titan Magic presents its Deathly Hallows Haunted House based off the Harry Potter movies.

The house has no guts or gore but lots of fright.

Wizards, death eaters, and dragons are what you can expect to see at the Deathly Hallows Haunted House.

"It's about 6,000 square feet, two floors, thirteen scene, meaning  your going to move into about thirteen different environments. A few of them are flow scenes meaning through mazes and things you're going to have to find  your own way," said JC Cunningham, Owner.

An ex deatheater will guide you through most of the two-story house.

The Deathly Hallows will be guarded throughout the house by ministry creatures.

It has thirteen scenes with everything from talking pictures to an Azkaban Prison.

"Upstairs you will go through Azkaban. As  you know Azkaban has been ravaged so there's not much security there so your on your own in Azkaban," said Cunningham.

While you wait you can visit the muggle gift shop, participate in house sorting or wand choosing ceremony. But remember the wand chooses the wizard.

"We have a big selection of wands. All the way from econmy we call these utilitary wands to our oleavander style wands," said Cunningham.

And if you know what divides the muggle world from the wizard world, it's The Leaky Culdrin.

"The Leaky Culdrin actually serves Butter Beer they drink out of the movie but it's non-alcoholic and Fire Whiskey also non alcoholic it just tastes like a strong cinamon," said Cunningham.

The haunted house is fun for all ages.

"We offer a lights on tour for those that want to see their first haunted house but not the full tour with the lights off and all the special affects," said Cunningham.

So whether you're a wizard or a muggle this haunted house has something for everyone to take a leap into the wizarding world like never before.

The haunted house is suggested for ages five and above.

It will begin October 21 and last through Halloween night.

A portion of the proceeds will go to support the local wiregrass Shriners.


The Deathly Hallows Haunted House
518 north Daleville ave Daleville, AL 36322

Times below are cut off times to get in line.

Sunday - Thurs 6pm-10pm
                        Friday and Saturday 6pm-12am
                        Halloween Night 6pm-12 am

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