DCS gets $182,500 worth of pot off streets

A concerned citizens call led to over $180,000 worth of weed and it's dealer being taken off the street .

"The fact that we have people that are trusting enough in us to pick up the phone and call us, not necessarily to leave their contact information, but to give us the information we need to try and look into complaints," Dale County Sheriff Wally Olson said. "Because no one knows their community like they know their community."

After a tip was made, DCS paid a visit to the home of 38-year-old Keith Pumphrey on May 3.

They were able to obtain a search warrant which lead them to find 73 marijuana plants and a lot of paraphernalia.

What they found showed them that Pumphrey was no new-grower of marijuana. 

"It's obvious this had been going on for quite a while," Olson said. "Because of the maturity of the plants and how far along they were. This is not something where he woke up a couple of weeks ago and decided he wanted to try this. He had a pretty good operation set up."

Pumphrey is currently at the Dale County Jail awaiting his first appearance.

"He is facing trafficking charges right now and depending on his criminal history, he could be facing some serious time," Olson said. 

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