Dale County home to largest poultry feeding mill in the US

Dale County will soon be home to a national record, the largest poultry feeding mill that is.
Right on the Ozark-Newton line, the huge building is almost complete.
There at the site, they will supply about 25 thousand tons of feed per week.
This is a $53 million dollar investment coming to fruition that Dale County Commission Chairman Mark Blankenship says will be "a big, big impact for the whole Wiregrass."
This is part of the larger Wayne Farms network and will provide feed for 165 new chicken houses scattered throughout the area.
It stands taller than a football field in length, and upon completion will be the largest poultry feed mill in the nation.
"It's very state of the art," said Wayne Farms spokesperson Frank Singleton. "It's a 49-thousand square foot facility, on about a 150 acre site."
This site alone bringing almost 40 jobs to Dale County, which Blankenship said will last long-term.
"It's not like opening up a small business that might or might not be here six months down the road," said Blankenship. "Wayne Farms has this down to a science."
This new building ushering in another change; Dale Co. Hwy. 18 is getting a facelift.
Construction will begin January 3, and barring no bad weather or other setbacks, should be completed February 10.
"It'll be widened, resurfaced, both intersections reworked, the entrance to the plant will be included in that," said Blankenship. "When this plant is up and operating, we're looking at 200-300 trucks a day on it and that's huge."
This new groundbreaking facility will add greatly to the already booming chicken industry Wayne Farms is experiencing here in south Alabama.
"We're processing in the Dothan-area about 1.3  million chickens a week," said Singleton.
The feeding mill will have its grand opening on January 10, 2017.

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