Community Reaction to Pastor Kenneth Glasgow arrest

Reaction from many people from the community on the arrest of community activist Pastor Kenneth Glasgow. Glasgow was charged with capital murder a crime that many people feel that Glasgow is innocent of. 

"I don't believe he did it, he had nothing to do with it. If he did it was on accident," said Russell Barkley. 

"He was probably just thinking he was gone be able to help remedy a situation keep someone else from having to go to jail for using the car or taking the car or whatever," said Charles Herring. 

Reginald Jones says Glasgow should not of been out that late at night. 

"A lot of shooting going on over here you can't be doing to much," said Jones.  "You know ain't nobody safe nowhere no more because a bullet don't have no name when you start shooting these AK-47, they going through your house they injuring you know what I'm saying." 

Many believe that Glasgow situation will turn out for the best for him. 

"He tries to save a lot of people but this time he got jammed up but he going to prevail," said Herring.  

Glasgow was not granted bail and preliminary hearing will be held April 6 at 9 a.m... 

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