Community members concerned about alcohol in neighborhood

In local politics the Dothan city commission meeting a lounge that has been open for about 8 months on highways 52 requested to hold a liquor license.

This has caused quite a buzz amongst neighbors causing emotions to run high during this item on the agenda.

 As community members were lined up to stand against selling alcohol at the Featured Players Cabaret.

I want my area where i live to be a respectable area," said Dominique Hubert, a concerned community member.

They are fostering violence that should be a concern for you as well," said Brandy Givens, representative of Trinity Learning Center.

These people are good welcoming people," said Pastor Maurice Carroll of House of Prayer Church.

Then there was Frances Tyson telling her story about how she was hit by a drunk driver.

"He was trying to turn into the liquor store on Highway 52," said Frances Tyson. "And my daughter goes to trinity learning center which is within eye distance but in close proximity where the cabaret is currently."

While the Featured Players Cabaret owner Michael Prichard says his establishment opens at 6pm after trinity learning center closes at 5:30pm.

"There is occurrences where they have family night, trunk or treat," said Frances Tyson.

During the city commission meeting John Ferguson and Beth Kenward were the only two who voted against the business receiving a liquor license.

"Well strictly the amount opposition we had was overwhelmingly in opposition to the license there was no reflection of the application or the applicant," said John Ferguson, District 4.  "Strictly the location where it buffers residence and what not."

The ordinance states there must be a 600 feet buffer between businesses with on premises alcohol consumption and schools, churches, and public parks.

But Prichard wants to reassure community members.

"If someone appears to be a menace," said Michael Prichard, Owner.  "If they act like they are going to be trouble whatever they are buying we are going to cut them off and say no you have to leave. We aren't going to put profit a head of our reputation and the safety of the community."

With a vote of 4 to 2 the featured players cabaret was approved to sale alcohol.

The owner plans to start those sales thursday.

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