Columbia Baptist Association gets new name

For 133 years, the Columbia Baptist Association has spread the love of Jesus Christ throughout the Wiregrass, but for the first time in its one hundred plus year history, the association will have a new name. 

"We wanted one that identified significantly were we were located Columbia just didn't do that so we up with Southeast Alabama Baptist Association," CBA Director of Mission John Thomas said. 

The name changed was voted upon at the association annual meeting at Ridgecrest Baptist Church this past Sunday. 

"Just felt like it was time to make that happen so that we become more relevant, better identify where we are and who we are as 50 churches in the area southern baptist churches that wanna share Jesus and his message," Thomas said. 

Although the association will have a new name, the purpose of the fellowship will remain the same. 

"Strenghting healthy churches we have 50 of those, we want to continually strengthen, we want to facilitate the mission and ministry in our association and around the world, we want to share the gospel and we want to meet community needs and all of that come out of the relationship with Jesus who is the center of who we are," Thomas said. 

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