Enterprise police arrest four in connection with recent burglaries

Published 07/29 2014 06:45PM

Updated 07/30 2014 12:09PM

A string of burglaries was reported over the last few weeks on Kinnon Street, Dauphin Street Extension and other locations around Enterprise.

"The police actually used our parking lot right here to stalk them.  And within an hour or so, they surrounded them and went in," said Clay Johnson, who works at a business on North Watson Street.

Johnny Mike Silas, 19, Tykis Thamatra Wallace, 20, and Britt Keishawn Phillips White, 20, were each charged with two to seven counts of burglary.  Shatae Casandra Silas was charged with receiving stolen property.

Police say guns, electronics, money, jewelry and other items were stolen, and they say it was all stored at a house in the 200 block of North Watson, a street next to the Enterprise Police Department.

"I think they got that location so they would have some place to take everything," said Sarah Armstrong, who also works on North Watson Street.  Witnesses to the arrests also say it wasn't the group’s first brush with the law.

"We did notice, one day, the three of them were walking down the street here, and an undercover Enterprise policeman and another car came up and they wouldn't move out of the way,” said Johnson. “So then he came up behind them and said ‘it would be nice if you would move out of the way when a car comes.’  Well, they smarted off at him, and he frisked them then."

"Ultimately, it came down to a good tip.  That's how they were able to obtain a search warrant and recover the stolen property," said Sergeant Billy Haglund, with the Enterprise Police Department.

WDHN’s Valencia Jones spoke with a lady who said she lives at the property on North Watson Street, and she said two of the people arrested are her children.  She said her daughter is innocent, but police are painting a different picture.

"The individuals that were arrested, they were all part of a group of co-conspirators to go and burglarize residences in the north part of the city," Haglund said.

Police are still investigating the burglaries and additional arrests are expected.  They're asking anyone with information on these or other burglaries in the area to contact law enforcement.

But they say making sure your doors and windows are locked and not putting the key under the mat can help keep your home safe.
They also say not telling people on social media when you're out of town can help you avoid becoming the next burglary victim.

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