Coffee County candidates address RWCC

In 48 days, voters will be headed to the polls to cast their vote in the June primaries.

At the Enterprise Country Club Wednesday, the Republican Women of Coffee County featured candidates from three Coffee County races at its regular meeting.

Candidates for sheriff, coroner and circuit court clerk spoke about their candidacy and participated in a Q & A, where attendees were able to ask questions they feel is important in each race.

"On that day that's probably the worst day of your life, who's going to be there to serve you makes a big difference," said Philip Box, Candidate for Coffee County Coroner.

Candidates for Coffee County Coroner Philip Box and Robert Preachers addressed why they are the best candidate for the role.

One of the questions attendees asked was about a coroner staff.

"I would have one deputy that's certified and qualified to meet the needs of law enforcement understand what's going on at the scene," said Robert Preachers, Candidate for Coffee County Coroner.

"I absolutely would have a staff of at least one chief deputy. It's not a matter of  if you want to, the law said you should and you must. Ms. Pam Adams would be appointed to that position as soon as I'm sworn in," said Box.

Deann Cronk and Amy Reeves candidates for circuit court clerk also addressed  the group.

"I've been in the clerk office for 20 years and i respectively as for your vote as clerk of coffee county," said Deann Crunk, Candidate for City Court Clerk.

"I started with with the state about 14 years ago in Houston County. I was transferred home to coffee county where I've worked since all but the last 5 where I worked at the DA's office where i currently work now," said Amy Reeves, City Court Clerk.

Candidates for sheriff, incumbent Dave Sutton, and Skip Neuwien discussed issues they would tackle.

"The most important thing is transparency. It's been in the news there's a couple of funds in the sheriff's office that's private that's not audited and if i'm in office they won't be," said Skip Neuwein, Candidate for Coffee County Sheriff.

"Your sheriff of coffee county has never taken a penny of food money. My records are out there. I have five audits and all of them say I'm not taking money and everything is in place," said Dave Sutton, Candidate for Coffee County Sheriff.



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