Christmas Light Show in Dothan

Two neighbors in the Westbrook subdivision work together to put on a spectacular light showcase, that grows every year.

"This year we are estimating over 100 thousand lights between us and the neighbor," said Garrett Hall.

These lights are something that halls daughter, Kolby, cannot get enough of and thanks her dad for all of his hard work.

"My dad worked really hard he worked every day and every night and he wanted to let the neighborhood get that Christmas spirit," said Kolby Hall.

The lights are programmed to turn on and off in tune with music, this goes through a server that connects both yards together in sync.

"The program that we use you put what light you want to come on how long you want it to stay on and in that fashion you can make it dance to any song you want it to," said Hall.

Hall says that you just tune into 98.1 once in the neighborhood and to stay in your car in order to stay warm.

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