Boyd's marine burglar finally captured

A major investigation for the Houston County Sheriff's Office has led to one arrest this week.

Now they are working to locate several others involved.

The largest heist Houston County has seen totaling of $400,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from Boyd's Marine.

"Removed 12 outdoor motors but they were all different sizes but they were all salt water," said Captain Bill Rafferty.

This investigation has taken over a year and now investigators have made their first arrest  and it's not over yet.

A group of about 3 or 4 were involved in this larceny.

"There were other places in Dothan that we were able to track them to video evidence there as well as items used at the scene was purchased at some local businesses," said Captain Bill Rafferty. "It all ties in together as far as what they did and what we found at the scene."

42-year-old Yoel Hernandez and his crew traveled to the Wiregrass from West Palm Beach Florida.

"They are getting further away from home so they are not so obvious," said Captain Bill Rafferty. "They don't want to hit in their back yard and if they aren't from this area it's getting harder for them to identify."

Over the course of a few hours.

"They loaded this stuff up with a large trailer enclosed trailer something you see going down the road everyday.," said Captain Bill Rafferty.

Hernandez is currently in custody at the Houston County jail without bond.

"If I'm not mistaken he's involved with a boating company of some type being down in Florida," said Captain Bill Rafferty. "He has several avenues and then if he has contacts out of the states he would possibly have access to leave to go to that area."

Hernandez had his first appearance Wednesday his preliminary and bond hearing will be on May 5th and he has opted not to receive a court appointed attorney.


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