Be aware of phone scams in Houston County

Over the past 25 years, scams have been very prevalent in Houston county. Some of them by mail,  but most by phone and his time scammers has taken  a different approach in attacking people. 

"The scam their using is you failed to show up for jury duty and a warrants have been issued for your arrest and what they have instructed you to do is they are asking you to get a green dot card you purchase at Wal-Mart or they may say to get a check and send it this particular address or deliver it here," said Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza.  

Valenza says no one has completely gone fully through the scam but some have come close giving money away as high as 2,000 dollars to scammers posing to be sheriff deputies. 

"First of all let me make it real clear the Houston County Sheriff Office does not call you when we have a warrant for your arrest we will come see you we will make every effort we will leave a note if your not home to contact us but we will not contact you but we will definitely not say you have a two thousand dollar bond and you pay the bond and the bond be recalled," said Valenza. 

Also be aware of any lottery scam as well that may occur in the area. 

"People if you haven't played the lottery then your not gonna win the lottery you know and these countries that are doing this we don't even have extradition treaties with these countries your gonna lose your money if you participant in these events," said Valenza.

If you have any questions you are encouraged to call the Houston County Sheriff Department at (334)677-4882.

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