Another child in Geneva County almost taken

Last week we told you about an attempted kidnapping near Hartford and yesterday there was an attempted abduction in Slocomb.

Within a week there's been two attempts at taking a child in geneva county.

"It's terrible that kids can't get out and feel safe on their own streets," said Donna Boone.

While some community members are shocked that something like this could happen in their town some are looking at this problem through a lens wider than the Wiregrass.

"I'm not surprised with the way things are going in the world," said Cathy Perry. "They can be with you one minute then you turn your head and their gone."

Three Hispanic males, one with facial tattoos, attempted to abduct a 12-year-old boy in Slocomb.

"Slowed down in front of a residence where a child was playing and waved the child to get in the van," said  Todd Dorriety.

The attempted kidnapping could've been a custody issues; however, this one doesn't appear to be the same.

But sometimes the suspect could be someone your child knows.

"There's several cases where it is but it varies from case to case," said  Todd Dorriety.

It's always best to inform your child who they can and can't be around and to be aware not only of their surroundings but for them to try to remember as many details as they can.

"Pay attention to all the description you can if there's any markings on the vehicle, if there's a spare tire or if it's two different colors if there's scratches of dents that you can see," said  Todd Dorriety. "Just try to get the best picture in you mind that you can."

75% of children are usually dead if they haven't been found within 3 hours


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