Alabama on the road to 200 years


Summer break means Summer reading for many students, but teachers are also using this time to gain a little bit of knowledge as well.

Through a  new initiate created to help celebrate a monumental moment for the state.

It's almost time for a birthday and in just a few short years Alabama will be turning 200.

One thing the state is doing each year there will be new learning programs for the teachers.

This year the theme will be to discover our places.

30 teachers throughout the Wiregrass have three days to learn as much as they can to pour back into their student this upcoming school year.

"Today it's based on a textbook that could probably be considered outdated," said Sonia Crutchfield, teacher at Montana Magnet.

Striving to make a difference in each students life these educator are being taught regional history.

"But with this unit we can bring in so much that's relevant to them and the state of Alabama," said Sonia Crutchfield. "And in almost every objective that I cover in Social Studies can be based on something going on in Alabama and it will make it more interesting to the children."

This seminar is 1 of 12 going on around the state and the Wiregrass area will visit places like Landmark Park as well a the Wiregrass Museum of Arts.

"They are hosting us for art and social studies integrated workshop," said Tracy Pruitt, Bicentennial Master Teacher.  "The Mural Foundation has also been working on a mural resource book so there's a lot of history and content."

Just to give you an example of ideal project for this year from Northern Alabama

"Where they had held a lot of their shop classes and more craft class in a building downtown that the school was able to get access too and they spent the whole year renovating it," said Carson Williford, AL200 Program assistant. "So by the end they had a renovated building the school was involved in the community and the students were learning hands on."

But for projects like these money can sometimes hinder hands on learning especially in a system where Social Socials isn't a main focus.

"Smaller schools if it's doing a community garden bringing in older people to learn computer skills at the school," said Carson Williford.

2018 is the year of honoring our people then 2019, the bicentennial year, the theme will be sharing our stories.


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