AG Marshall Gives Update on Investigation into Evidence Missing from Selma Police Department

(MONTGOMERY)—Attorney General Steve Marshall today provided an update regarding a joint federal-state investigation into current and former employees of the Selma Police Department. Charges have been brought against three people, including a former Selma police employee. The public is asked to continue to watch for missing guns that may be related to this matter.

Adrianne Michelle Canterbury, a former Selma police evidence technician, is charged with first-degree theft of property and an ethics law violation. Candice Byrum is charged with second-degree receiving stolen property and Richard Alan Canterbury is charged with first-degree receiving stolen property. The cases were bound over to go to grand jury after the Dallas County District Court found probable cause to support the charges, which were previously brought by warrant.

The investigation is still ongoing. It is a joint operation of the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The investigation arose from reports of missing items from the Selma Police Department vault. Among the items missing are guns that have been confiscated as evidence in criminal cases. Authorities caution that if consumer is considering a gun purchase, or has purchased a gun and is concerned that it may be related to this matter, they should contact the ATF and E Hotline at 1-800-283-4867. Also, people may provide information to the ATF phone app, Reportit.  It is advised that, due to the high number of stolen firearms in commerce, the public should be aware that if they are planning to make any purchases via the internet or through third parties, they could be buying a stolen firearm.

ATF is the only law enforcement agency that can determine if a gun came from the Selma Police Department.  Previous news reports stating that all suspected guns had been recovered are incorrect.

            No further comment or additional information may be provided at this time.

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