AFS Maintenance Contract Changes Hands

AFS has been the army support contractor at Fort Rucker for more than a decade. With news that an out of state company has been awarded a bid to take over, many in the community are concerned about what this means for the current  AFS employees.

Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting says that although the contract between AFS and the US Army has ended, the change in contractors will be so transparent  no one will even notice. 

"The only people who will notice it will be those in management and army fleet support and L3," says Mayor Bunting.

When the contract with AFS was not renewed, many companies made bids on filling the role of maintenance support.

The new contract was recently awarded to M1 of Denton, Texas

AFS currently employs around 12 hundred Dale County residents and many fear that when the contract changes hands those jobs may no longer be available.

"The jobs are the same workforces the only thing that will change out will be the management structure," Mayor Bunting said.

Though M1 has not released a statement regarding the contract, the transition appears to already be taking place. M1 has posted a link on their website about job information at

Fort Rucker providing you with the email address to send your resume too, as well as a link to submit an application and available job positions.

AFS issued a statement saying:

"L3 presented a strong, value-driven proposal as a prime contractor for the recompetition

 For contractor logistics support at Fort Rucker.  As the incumbent we are aware of what is needed 

To deliver on this program and are awaiting a debrief to better understand the Army's decision and 

evaluate whether to protest this decision."

Mayor Bunting says that this change will be good for the community.

It is unclear as to when the m-one contract will begin, although it seems to be in the near future.


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