A New Option for Baby Food Coming to Dothan

DOTHAN, Ala. -
Baby food is a necessity to insure the proper growth and development of children, but a local business owner wondered if these franchised products are the best option.

"For me as a mother it is important to know what I am feeding my child and at the end of the day you really do not know what is in these products," said Kelsey Clark, chef and owner of KBC.

This led her to start making baby food at home for her son, which many took notice of.

"You know I would be at a restaurant and pull his food out and would have people ask if I would sell it and have friends ask if I would sell it and so it really evolved after that ," said Clark.

Kelsey is no newbie to the food industry. She started in catering at the age of 16 and opened KBC  which has grown to be a local favorite eatery and bakery. Now she is using her culinary skills to insure that the baby food like will be healthy and delicious.

"I have noticed with a lot of baby food that they leave out the component of a vegetable or a green.So even when you get applesauce, it is going to have pureed spinach in it so there is not ever going o be an item that is leaving out a vegetable this is important because number one this is phenomenal for your children and number two you are getting it in every single thing," said Clark 

Each product in the baby food line will have less than five ingredients in it and will be made at KBC in Downtown Dothan.

"I think what Kelsey is doing in kicking off this baby line is perfect for our community. You are going to know exactly what is in the food and what better way to support Kelsey and what she is doing," said Susan Wilkins.

The baby food line is in the early process of becoming a reality for families in the Wiregrass. Kelsey says that she is aiming to keep the product in the same price range as other products that families are used to buying. 

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