74th Annual National Peanut Festival

Truck begins to unload rides, food vendors are gearing up up and getting in place for the 2017 National Peanut Festival. About 180,000 guests will come to the fairgrounds for the week long festival in Dothan. 

"Its a great time of the year people come out here, have fun you know let your kids come out here have fun especially young kids," ride attendee Damian McCarter said. 

"Its fun to watch, its fun to see all the exhibits out here, all the pictures, all the food the cakes all that stuff that people bring out of what they made and its just a fun atmosphere," Peanut Festival attendee Carolyn Fowler said. 

Each year the National Peanut Festival welcomes more vendors, and more attractions for people to come out and enjoy but that wasn't the biggest concern instead it was parking. This years festival will be able to accommodate 4,000 vehicles with the addition of this new parking lot. 

"This is a million dollar project and it takes a lot and it takes a lot of time to build up enough money to be able to do such a project and were so happy that we finally got some paved parking at the fair grounds," President of National Peanut Festival Jason Rudd said. 

Rudd says the national peanut festival is more than just a event but its a reunion for all family and friends to gather together. 

"There's no telling how many first kisses, how many first dates, how many initial boyfriends and girlfriend that got started at the national peanut festival or to do with the national peanut festival we had marriage proposals at the peanut festival we have had babies born at the national peanut festival so to liable to see just about any thing but its a good place to come," Rudd said. 

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