20 years of impacting students at Honeysuckle Middle School

For two decades Coach William Hayes continues to be a leader and role model to past and present students of  Honeysuckle Middle School.  The 20 years makes Hayes the longest serving teacher at Honeysuckle Middle School. 

"I just felt like this was the best middle school pretty much in the city," said Hayes.  "I came in and I was the athletic director and I coached football and basketball  and at that time we had track and field so those are the same sports I coached in Graceville." 

Hayes has learned that it's more than just being a teacher but sometimes you are called to fill a void in a child's life. 

"You know sometimes you have to be a friend, sometimes you have to be a role model, sometimes you have to be a father, sometimes you have to be a mentor and sometimes as a Christian you have to be that Christian brother and speak the truth and try to direct these kids to the truth," said Hayes.  

The thing  he says he will cherish the most is how successful some of his students have become which they credit to his teaching. 

"They have come back and shared with me some of the things I shared with them and it blew my mind because at the time you don't realize the impact that your making but when a kid comes back and tells you it bless you but sometime you never know," said Hayes. 

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