"Reach & Teach" Program Combines Education With Rock & Roll

"Reach & Teach" Program Hosts Local Concert

Tuesday, May 15


Dothan Civic Center

Participating: Wicksburg High School and Rehobeth High School

"Reach and Teach" is an educational program geared towards business education students in grades 9-12. The program is the ultimate project based learning experience. Nine weeks of curriculum culminate with a rock concert, which is planned, promoted and executed by students. Through "Reach and Teach", students not only gain marketing knowledge, but also employability skills necessary to succeed after high school.

The mission of the free program is to provide passion and confidence to all students through unconventional collaboration of education and rock and roll; with the goal to provide an educational opportunity that is fun.

Most everyone would agree students deserve the opportunity to meet their full potential. But, this is where traditional education drastically sometimes fails some students; leaving students not being able to learn effectively in tradition classroom settings, which typically involve memorization, recalling facts and hypothetical situations that do now provide tangible results. To solve this problem, many schools in Alabama are participating in an innovative, nonprofit, educational program to incorporate hands-on, real world learning experiences into the classroom. Real world experiences that provide tangible results increase intrinsic motivation among students.

Students across the state of Alabama are using ket marketing concepts to plan, promote and execute an incredible rock concert on campus. The program is student driven, which means each school participating creates a truly unique experience limited only by their own creativity. Listed below are a few of the creative ideas students have implemented:

  • Organizing a media tour which allows them to meet with local superintendents and community leaders inviting them to the concert
  • Developing various VIP areas sponsored by local businesses
  • Hosting their own weekly talk show that highlights the key marketing concepts they are learning in class
  • Negotiating event venue contracts and specifications

Even though each of these activities are extremely different, all students are learning in a fun and effective way, without memorizing marketing vocabulary. They are also gaining employability skills, such as communication, leadership and problem solving. Students with these skills are proven to perform better in any career path they choose.

Students who participate are being exposed to career paths they may never considered, many of which, typically do not require a college degree. The entertainment industry employs an incredible amount of individuals who keep the machine running behind the scenes and the students are getting the opportunity to see and experiment with these careers first hand.

Real change has occurred within these students. By giving them freedom to develop ideas and make decisions, they are gaining confidence. Confidence to explore their passion, whether it be in the field of photography, film production or another career path often deemed unprofitable.

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