Emfinger Steel - Labor Day Salute

Published 08/15 2013 09:03AM

Updated 08/16 2013 11:33AM

Emfinger Steel Company is a scrap metal recycler and structural steel supplier located in Dothan, AL. Our primary mission is to help preserve the scarce metal resources of today for future generations by purchasing secondary scrap steel and semi-precious metals, sort and process them, and then ship them to mills and foundries who will be able to form the material into new products. Some of these new products include strucutural steel, which we purchase in bulk from the mills and make available to the public.

Emfinger Steel traces its origin back to 1949 when Dewey Emfinger started the business with 6 acres of rented property and little else in means of equipment or capital. Over the years, a fleet of trucks and cranes were obtained and more land was needed for the growing company. Today, the business uses approximately 100 acres, and employs a staff of about 30.

Dewey Emfinger's son and grandson (Sam Emfinger Sr. and Samuel Emfinger Jr.) have a combined experience of over 40 years and have been directing the business since Mr. Dewey passed away in September of 2003. Since then, the business has been focused on efficient recycling and innovative business management strategies that have helped the business nearly double, increasing sales from $4.5M/yr to $8.8M/yr. Today, Emfinger Steel continues to be a strong recycler of scrap iron and steel and an active member of the Wiregrass community.

About what we do.

Emfinger Steel purchases scrap iron and metals at a premium price so that it may be sent to mills and foundries to be remelted instead of being sent to a landfill. The way the metal is processed depends on the type of metal it is. That is, different methods for different metals.

Cranes use a large electromagnet to unload steel from trucks and to sort material once it is on the yard.

A Magnetech Hammermill pulverizes light steel such as appliances, tin, and lawn mowers into fist-size chunks to be sent to the steel mills.

Propane torches are used to melt through steel that it too thick or too unwieldy to be sheared.

A mobile shear pierces and cuts steel down into more manageable sizes.

Hydrolic baling machines compress piles of scrap steel and aluminum down into dense blocks.

There are two main ways for you to sell your scrap to Emfinger Steel:

1) Drive to our facility at 1795 Webb Rd, just off of Ross Clark Circle, and be quickly unloaded by our safe crews and cranes.

2) For industrial scrap, contact our Commercial Services department at 334-794-4251 for a container or semi-trailer to be placed at your business.

If you have any other questions about Emfinger Steel, please send us a message or call 334-794-4251

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